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Mary Ellen Waltemire

Leadership Coach and Facilitator


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       As one might imagine, there has been much research on leadership. No doubt research will contine in this ever-changing realm. 

       Simply stated effective leaders are people who help others reach their full potential, who are continually learning and who make significant contributions to the organization's success. The need for more and greater leaders has never been more obvious. And the challenges awaiting leaders have never been more daunting. Consider the complexity of the business environment, the growing diversity of people, perspectives and experiences in the workplace as well as the ever-changing economic landscape that place demands on both present and future leaders.

      Leadership coaching provides support to individulas who aspire to be the best they can be in whatever leadership roles they find themselves! From CEO to front line and new leaders, coaching provides a safe place to discuss, exlore and implement behaviors and actions that ensure your success as a leader.

     Even if you are comfortable in your leadership, are there strategies that might be implemented that would enable you to do more and have greater satisfaction?  If you are interested in stepping up your game, contact me for a free complimentary leadership coaching session.

     Let's explore the possibilities and opportunities together!