Having the Heart of a Leader

Very often when we find ourselves in a new leadership role either in our professional world or community lives, we may not consider exactly what that means. I’ve worked with individuals recently who have been promoted to leadership roles because they have been top performers in their jobs. They step into these leadership roles with little or no training, left on their own to be the leader that others assume they know how to be!

As a trained facilitator for Personify Leadership, a body-focused competency training model for mid to upper level leaders, I’ve been working to share the importance of having a heart of a leader as one begins and continues in leadership roles. What that means exactly is to be a leader whose intention it is to look out for the best interest of others. That is accomplished by identifying your intention as a leader and insuring that intention and your actions are well aligned. As a leader, if your intentions and actions are in sync, you will build trust and respect with those that you lead. They in turn will will trust and respect you ~ what a win-win situation for all involved.