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Mary Ellen Waltemire

Leadership Coach and Facilitator


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Leadership in Challenging Times

   As we continue to journey through these challenging times of physical distancing and stay-at-home practices, it's important to keep focused as the competent leader you are. Here are a few remnders:

  * Put people first. It's all about the people in your life: your family, collegues, team members. How you can calmly serve them through challenging times?

  * Be informed about the issue at hand.  What are the facts about the coronavirus, based on research from reputable sources? 

  * Be felxible and adaptable in your daily lives.  While you may have a plan for the day, know that situations change quickly making it important for you as the leader, to demonstrate adaptability quickly. 

  * Leverage the expertise and unique perspectives of your team members in the work environment. What kinds of new opportunties are emerging given our changing work situations? What new skills are being developed that can support your business moving forward? 

 * Communicate well with your family, colleagues and team members. Consider targeted information that is accurate, optimistic and future-focused.

 * Continue to be authentic and trustworthy. Now more than ever it's important to lead by example and to be encouraging to others around you; alwasy being trustworthy and your authentic selves.   

                  In the words of John Maxwell.... "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way"